Beebombs for wildflower habitats and biodiversity!

Saving the bees is easy-beesy with a Beebomb!

We shall be offering a very special Christmas gift idea at the forthcoming vegan Christmas market in Felixstowe on Saturday 4 December 2021. The planet needs your help, and a part of the answer comes in the unlikely shape of a Beebomb! ‘What on earth‘, you ask, ‘is a Beebomb?’

Firstly, did you know that since the Second World War, 97% of the natural bee and butterfly habitats have been lost in the United Kingdom? This is both tragic and enormously consequential. While the planet would happily survive without humans, we humans – Vikings or otherwise – urgently need to help save the bees. This is because these tiny heroes of pollination allow plants to reproduce. We humans need plants to survive, therefore we simply must protect the bees.

With Beebombs, you do not require the illustrious gardening talents of Alan Titchmarsh in order to effectively utilise the crucial seeds contained within. Beebombs can be easily dispersed straight onto the open ground, and at any time of the year, by absolutely anyone. So, while a Beebomb is the perfect gift for the special human in your life, it is also a fantastic present for the bees, for biodiversity, and for the planet.

You will find Beebombs at the Vikings Bakehouse stall at the ‘Very Vegan Christmas Market‘ at Beach Street, Felixstowe, on Saturday 4 December 2021. See you there!