Vikings love the sea, and TrueStart Coffee is making waves!

We are super excited not only to be arriving at Beach Street Felixstowe this Saturday for the vegan market, but to be doing so powered by our favourite coffee brand, TrueStart! We will be selling a selection of instant cold brew cans – including the amazing chilli chocolate flavour – and tins of barista-grade instant coffee!

The elegant 250ml cold brew cans are truly tremendous, with a flavour for everybody! You could play it safe with original black, but there is also chilli chocolate, vanilla coconut, and salted caramel. All of the cold brew cans are low in calories and are, of course, 100% vegan. TrueStart’s instant coffee defies expectations, and each 100g tin is good for around 50 servings. Never has instant gratification been so dignified!

So, on Saturday morning, wake-up, head to the vegan market at Beach Street, smell the TrueStart coffee (and, er, drink some!), and then buy a pack of four cans and a tin or two of instant coffee for the special person in your life!

In 2022, to fully complete the Vikings Bakehouse coffee line-up, we are looking forward to serving freshly brewed TrueStart filter coffee in the Vikings Bakehouse café!

Why TrueStart?

TrueStart is a Bristol-based start-up and is one of the fastest growing drinks brands in the United Kingdom. TrueStart’s bold, energetic approach, say founders Simon and Helena, is to rise above the tired, complacent brands which “dominate the coffee industry, with countless sugary, milky, poor quality products that do not resonate with our generation at all – we’re worlds apart in terms of ethics and attitude to life.”

Ethics and attitude? We’re down with that.

We look forward to a long-term partnership with TrueStart!